About the Author:

Katrina Sisowath is British-American who was raised in South-East Asia and Europe where she developed a passion for the myths and legends that define us, the ancient monuments that celebrate our ancestors' achievements and the occult mysteries that captivate us.

She is a researcher of historical civilisations, myths, the occult and ancient religions. Her special interest is the Serpent Beings (or Nagas) and the civilisation they created that spanned the globe.

She has written four books in her Dragon Court series about the Gods and Goddesses that gave rise to the Serpent Religion and has written articles for the Heretic Magazine and Ancient Origins. Her books have been studied by groups practising the Path of the Serpent, Hermeticism and the ancient Sacred Priestess Rituals.

Future works will focus on Isis, Astarte, King Tur, and the Imperial Order of the Dragon Court in Europe.

She is available for author talks and book signings.

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